Saturday, May 14, 2011

Complaints On Silver Lake Resort


After the meeting on 11 and the company's proposal to postpone the negotiations.

As you all know CC.OO. has on a complaint by the proportionality that has been used to elect members to the negotiating table the agreement, which are the same as the works council. This representation is illegitimate, so we have denounced and not for other reasons as some would have you believe.

But in a meeting on day 11, which was to begin negotiating, the company comes with a proposal that is not convention. Proposes to suspend the negotiations and that no date for trial on 26 this month and claims that as CCOO said that the panel is not legitimate, do not know who has to negotiate and if they remember something not know if would be valid. Why so scared?

CC.OO. answer alleging that it knows with whom he has to negotiate, you can proceed with the negotiation and any agreement (be the first time that the first meeting ends with agreement) could then be ratified by the appropriate table.

This we sabían desde la reunión del día 27 de abril, donde CC.OO. ya manifestó estar en contra de esa constitución, pero decidieron seguir adelante con la mayoría de UGT y USOC, y ahora la empresa pone pegas a seguir. ¿por qué la empresa cambia de postura de una reunión a otra?

Lo que mas nos sorprende de todo esto es la firme defensa que la empresa hace del tema, cuando a ella realmente le tendría que dar igual quien constituyese  la mesa, ¿o no?.

En principio la empresa propone que se vote si seguir o no con la negociación and, although no doubt voted, and among all unions except the USOC, decide to follow. In these circumstances the company values \u200b\u200bbetter to postpone everything until you see the sentence.

Conclusion: Why the company wants to delay the process of the collective agreement CCOO blaming it? Do they want to withdraw the complaint? Or is that the company knows that the current representation would be easier to get the Convention and instead want to create fair representation CCOO and legitimizes the negotiation would be more complicated for her (no union would have majority)?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

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The extension of time be granted by seniority

We explain that as of March 15, the date on which the agreement was signed ERE -time reduction along with some items collective agreement, applications for extension -time to 8 hours of workers with part-time contracts exclusively undertake old in the company.

For Therefore, all applications have been submitted for this purpose are automatically void. This -day extension also carries implicit change to that job vacancy which generates the need for expansion to 8 hours.

reproduce here the article concerning this expansion of day:

Art ass t 14 .- Procedures for recruitment

Been writing new paragraph 2) :

2) Unless repayment Square workers part-time have absolute priority and function of old in their place of work to convert their contracts to full-time if there are vacancies to fill full-time in the same category . "

CC.OO. also inform you that after the meeting with the company on April 12 where there is no agreement was reached, we started a complaint process, due to geographical mobility platform wins Madrid and subsequent compensation for all affected workers.

Finally, tell you that through negotiations the company held by members of the San Fernando Area CC.OO, has managed to be remunerated equally to all workers, whether part time or full operating hours on Saturdays.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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After the signing of ERE , reprisals have been quick to appear. As in the worst of times or periods of history, the chieftaincy is dedicated to hindering the normal development of trade unionism within the company. From
CC.OO 've tried both the works council form as the negotiating table and the only answer we have obtained by the company and unions signed the agreement (UGT and USO) has been to be on the date that they have decided.

CC.OO On day 15 promoted an event in SIMA, there was no agreement, on 19 convened another meeting with other unions and the company, there was no intention to create anything.

trying to lift a report at the request of the company and what our surprise, UGT not sign, we understand they were just co-Madrid and is a problem for them, USE also not clear, the fellow who comes here is the union Madrid and what you send, but also comes as the company and says that if all unions do not sign them either. As possible the company takes into account who signs and who does not.

And you will wonder because this denial and delay, since very simple. After the elections in Madrid and no union with the majority on the committee and of course this must be a problem.

have in fact been celebrating the election process in several provinces, in some where in his day were dispatchers from other provinces to organize the zones., And overlap with the completion date to be proposed for the committee meeting, date that does not meet the deadline and signed the agreement. And comes

meeting of 27 works council constitution and the agreement table, UGT and only president proposes vote for them, the other trade unions against. CCOO proposed by the Secretary and we only have our votes, the other trade unions are not given to what the topic is locked. In a break CCOO proposed that both the president and the secretary is rotatable for all unions and here come the movements do not accept UGT, CGT if and USOC no. Another break and fellow USOC after talking with the company and a partner of Barcelona decided to present candidate for secretary. It gets to vote and now if you vote for the president proposed by UGT and those in favor of his candidacy, which already have everything, UGT USOC president and a delegate to the board secretary.

With all this out yourselves the conclusions because it is slow to start negotiating the "agreement" on the other hand, little will be able to get the company because it has already said he will not submit or proposals that mattered the recovery of tables, 2010 in 2 years, I have.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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